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Welcome to the DataPainters, the BI experts that love to integrate. Portals, Data, Governance, Servers, the Cloud. Here you will find a collection of useful tools, examples, and more that we have created. We hope they accelerate your BI efforts.

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Tools for Tableau

Workbook Mover for Tableau Server

Do you ever need to move Tableau Workbooks from one server to another? The process of opening one copy in Tableau Desktop and then publishing it to another server is long and tedious. Introducing Tableau Workbook Mover, a totally automated way to move your workbooks anywhere, anytime.

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REST API Connectors for Tableau Server

Does your project require integration with a Tableau Server? Are you trying to access the Tableau REST API and need easier access than connecting directly through the REST API? The REST API Library is for you. We have versions available in Microsoft .Net, Java, Python, and PHP. More than 70 functions that will reduce your integration project by as much as 70%.

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Dashboard Revolver for Tableau Server

Our Dashboard Revolver provides an easy to use rotating Tableau Dashboard display. Simply give it a list of URL's for the Tableau Dashboards that you want to display and tell it the number of seconds between each Dashboard. The Rotator can then be used on a large monitor or projector to display highlight information from Tableau Dashboards.

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