Ninja Provisioning for Tableau

Syncronize external security data with Tableau Server security.

Use the Ninja Provisioning Tool for Tableau Server to synchronize external security information with Tableau Server security information. The tool uses several different connections to access your external security data and allows you to synchronize the users and groups between the two sources. It's fast, fun, and it saves you time from building a custom integration application.

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • LDAP Servers
  • Microsoft Active Directory

Configure, Schedule, Relax!

The tool provides a front end management console as well as an executable that you can place on the windows scheduler. Configure the link between the external security data source and Tableau Server, test it out to confirm that everything is correct, then put it on the windows scheduler and it will sync everything automatically.

  • Adds or updates any users found on the source server
  • Adds or updates any groups returned on the source server that begin with "tableau_"
  • Removes any users from the Tableau Groups if they no longer exist
  • Includes a "whitelist" function for both systems to skip records that should not be synced

Need a Connection that is not listed? A Custom connector can be made!

Our tool provides a simple method to synchronize your external security data with Tableau Server. If you require a custom integration solution, we suggest that you contact Tableau's Professional Services team ( for a comprehensive solution.