Workbook Mover for Tableau

The easiest way to move Tableau Workbooks.

The Workbook Mover for Tableau is a Free tool that allows you to migrate Tableau Workbooks, DataSources, and Users from one Tableau Server or Site to another. The tool is perfect for people that need to deploy workbooks, especially as part of a governance publishing process. Rather than opening the workbook in Tableau Desktop and then having to publish to a new server, you can simply move the workbook directly from one server to another without ever opening Tableau Desktop.

Enterprise Functionality

The Workbook Mover for Tableau provides essential functionality to anyone that needs to deploy a workbook from one server or site, to another.

  • Move Tableau Workbooks from one Server to another.
  • Create Backups of previous Workbooks for Version Control.
  • Move Tableau DataSources from one Server to another.
  • Easily promote Workbooks from Dev to Stage to Production Servers.

EASY to Use

Our tool provides an easy method to migrate workbooks from one server to another. We continue to add new capabilities to the application and you will have the opportunity to install new versions as they become available.

Need Something More?

If you require a custom integration solution, we suggest that you contact Tableau's Professional Services team ( for a comprehensive solution.