The easiest way to move Tableau content.


The Workbook Mover for Tableau is designed to simplify the process of moving a Tableau workbook from one server, to another.

  • Move Tableau Workbooks from one Server location to another with 5 simple steps.
  • Create Backups of previous Workbooks before overwriting them (Version Control) during your promotion process.
  • Promote Tableau Workbooks and DataSources from Development to Testing, then to Production for a normal deployment process.
  • Move Workbooks and DataSources in one step so that you don't need to follow the 15 step process using Tableau Desktop.
  • * Requires Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

Easy To Install

Our tool includes a super simple windows installer that will setup the nessassary files on your computer for you. The tool is less than 1mg in size and we use our REST API Connectors to power our integration with Tableau Server.